If you’re welcoming your thirtieth trip — and beyond — around the sun and have survived your twenties finally feeling at peace and whole in your own skin, but notice the outward isn’t keeping up with the inward, the Vampire Facelift may complement you well.

Many of us find ourselves taking all the proper preventative skin care steps such as a healthy diet, using SPF and covering up from the sun, and using potent skincare products such as serums and elixirs. Perhaps you’ve reached a crossroad — topical products and lifestyle changes aren’t giving you the desired effects you long for. If you’re accustomed to the first line of action for fighting age-related changes but find that gravity is a relentless contender that won’t give up, don’t give in and try this non-surgical approach to give gravity a run for its money!

What’s all this vampire talk about?

The vampire procedures introduce platelet rich plasma into your dermal tissue — hence the reference to blood. There are a series of different vampire procedures including the Vampire Facial, the Vampire Facelift, and the Vampire Breast Lift.

The biggest difference between the two facial vampire procedures is the Vampire Facial is more of a topical solution involving microneedling — you can read all about it here. The Vampire Facelift involves under-the-skin injections at deeper level, for skin that needs more attention to fine line, wrinkles, and deep set scars.

The Vampire Facelift

So, what is the Vampire Facelift? This is a specialized, non-surgical facelift that is perfectly crafted for people who are looking to address the signs of aging and other skin-related issues. The Vampire Facelift incorporates both your blood platelets (platelet rich plasma – PRP) and a dermal filler to enhance the overall contours of your face, targeting facial creases and wrinkles, as well as deep, recessed scars.

You’ll first schedule a consultation with us at Rejuvenate Image Restoration to go over the procedure and discuss your expectations and concerns, and then in a follow up appointment the actual Vampire Facelift will be executed.

The Vampire Facelift begins with the physician or medical professional taking a vial of blood (just like when you’re getting your blood drawn in a lab) and then it’s spun and separated into the platelet rich plasma, or as many people refer to it as, “liquid gold!’ The PRP contains at least eight growth factors that contribute to the healing of injured tissues. The growth factors work synergistically to increase collagen and blood flow which revives skin, breathing new life into it.

To take advantage of these growth factors that regenerate tissue, the substance that was taken must be put back. This part of the procedure involves the physician applying a numbing cream and using a very small needle to inject the PRP. The interesting aspect of this treatment is you’re actually tricking the tissue into believing an injury has occured, signaling new, younger tissue to be generated. It also enhances bone growth to help bring back some of the lost contour gravity has been nagging at!

Both the stem cells within your skin and the injected PRPs flood the tissue for maintenance and repair — new collagen, blood vessels, and fatty tissue go to work immediately!

Who should try the Vampire Facelift?

The Vampire Facelift is ideal for someone experiencing age-related changes that are getting deeper with age, with increased sagging and laxity. Many have also seen great results in the crepiness or thinning of their skin, cellulite reduction, and even hair loss.

The procedure is a great alternative to people who are searching for non-surgical solutions as there are no stitches, scars, or high recovery time involved. The best part of the whole procedure, aside from glowing skin, is that you’re injecting your own platelets in to your skin. Your body better recognizes a substance that’s from you and can uniquely craft your body’s own defenses to create and tailor a facelift specific to you.

The Vampire Facelift Results

The results of a Vampire Facelift are specific for each person and will vary in the timeframe in producing results. On average, the Vampire Facelift will continue to improve over two to three months and lasts up to two years! The Vampire Facelift leaves your skin youthful and refreshed with improved skin texture and tone!

Say to gravity, “not today” and love, nurture, and appreciate yourself inwards and outwards!

Rejuvenate Image Restoration

At Rejuvenate, we are an elite group of physicians both trained to administer the Vampire procedures, in addition to training other medical professionals in following the Vampire protocols.

This is an FDA-approved procedure where the blood is extracted from your own body, therefore there is no risk of side effects making the procedure safe and dually effective.

If you’re ready for luminous, healthy skin, call our office today and schedule an appointment!