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3 Types Of Hair Treatment

Standard Hair Restoration
Our unique protocol implements a combination of modalities that are complementary to give you the best results. We educate you on the hair toxins in the market and the supplements proven to enhance your hair health. We partner with you to revive and restore your existing follicle, improve hair volume, color and thickness. Hair loss is a chronic condition, therefore, the long-term use of light and growth factors helps in maintaining your hair volume without side effects.

PRP Hair Restoration
This Hair Restoration Procedure is recommended for patients with thinning hair, as well as in preparation for transplants. It involves injecting into the scalp, your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP). PRP attracts stem-cells to regenerate hair follicles and improve the overall health of the scalp. The growth-factors released by the platelets also have a restorative effect on the scalp and increase blood flow. This further improves the color, thickness, and overall quality of the hair. This breakthrough approach has been showing dramatically positive results for our hair loss patients!

Hair Transplant
Rejuvenate was the first Hair Restoration clinic in the Inland Empire to offer truly non-scaring, suture free FUE hair transplant. We only do individual FUE harvesting without the need to cut the scalp. This allows for a more precise harvesting with less trauma, bleeding or surgical complications seen in strip FUE. FUE harvesting and final placement are done by champions in the field under strict medical supervision during the entire procedure. The recovery is short and the results are beautifully natural. Our Physicians will personally design a natural hairline to enhance the results of the transplant. Our approach is minimally invasive with no subsequent scars or visible signs of the procedure. You will have thicker healthier hair and a becoming new look.

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