The warm weather is starting to make a lasting appearance as the daylight stretches out to longer days — which can only mean one thing — festival season. We’re not referring to the Renaissance festival or Scottish Irish festival that people still seem to love, no we’re attributing festivals to the music festivals taking place all over the nation this spring and summer. If you’re an avid attendee at Coachella, Bonnaroo, AFROPUNK, or Electric Zoo, there’s no secret your body is toast after a long weekend at the festival.

At Rejuvenate Image Restoration, we offer IV vitamin therapy in a well-selected and studied source of IV products to bring the perfect balance of vitamins and minerals back to your body. The body’s fluid balance is intricate, so not just anyone can administer these beauties. Our experience, knowledge, and medical prowess allow us to offer customized infusions to meet the demands that music festivals can place on the body. Follow along with our post about how IV therapy can benefit you during the music festival season.

IV Therapy — The Nectar of the Gods?

IV vitamin therapy has been gaining traction in the health and wellness space to provide the body with the vitamins and nutrients that are lacking as a result of depleted soils from conventional farming practices and poor nutrition habits. IV vitamin therapy is not only more bioavailable to the body than an oral supplement form, but it also helps resolve deficiencies faster and maintain proper levels within the body.

Why Is IV Vitamin Therapy a Good Option for Festival Season?

We often wonder how the rock gods do it? How do they continue to play night after night with no signs of slowing or stopping? Is what they’re doing a luxury that the common person could even afford? The great news is you have Rejuvenate Image Restoration IV vitamin therapy is affordable and available to everyone, to keep their vitality up and running through the festival season.

IV vitamin therapy is an amazing option throughout the festival season to restore what you lost in days of hot sun, boozing, and dancing. Pop into our clinic before or after (or both) the festival to receive a properly formulated IV drip to support and rejuvenate your well-being. IV therapy will work wonders to help your body thrive and get to more festivals by replenishing lost nutrients from the following festival activities:

  • Dancing
  • Boozing
  • Sun exposure

What do all of these activities have in common? They all involve a healthy dose of dehydration! Dancing is not only excellent cardio activity to get your heart rate up, it also is sweat-producing, which increases your likelihood of getting dehydrated if you’re not consuming enough water.

Drinking alcohol is also another way to become dehydrated. The sugary sweet and bubbly beverages mixed with dancing and then mixed with the hot sun is a recipe for dehydration, as sun exposure is in and of itself. Heat exhaustion and dehydration go hand in hand because when you’re out in the sun combined with drinking and dancing, you sweat and affect the fluid balance in your body.

Music festivals take their toll on the body while you’re out in the hot sun dancing and drinking on little to no sleep. It’s no wonder your body is dehydrated and worn out and in need of some serious nutrients.

If you’ve overindulged in long days and long nights at music festivals this season — and it’s still early — replenish and restore your body’s balance with an IV vitamin drip today!

Schedule an IV therapy appointment at our clinic today!