What is PureFlow?

PureFlow™ is an EKG driven passive cardio exercise technology that can boost your VO2 max, maintain fitness on injured athletes & expedite recovery, while decreasing risk of stress & strain on an athlete’s heart typically associated with aerobic training.

Just 45 minutes a day using PureFlow™ while the body is at rest, you could be experiencing results similar to cardiovascular exercise. Say what?!?! Seems too good to be true right? Well, we hate to burst the bubble of skepticism, but PureFlow™ is the embodiment of recovery & cardiovascular fitness wrapped up into one revolutionary device.

Improve VO2 Max Strengthen Cardiovascular System Increase Oxygenated Arterial Blood Flow & Lymphatic Drainage  Improve Alertness & Cognitive Function

The PureFlow™ passive cardio compression system uses sequential compression timed with your heart-rate to produce results similar to aerobic exercise without stressing your heart.

The PureFlow™ cycle creates a retrograde counter pulse that escalates the volume of oxygenated blood delivery to your arterial system. In turn, the increase of oxygenation that is distributed through your body primes your muscles for training, enabling your endurance to peak while decreasing micro-trama and fatigue to your muscles.

This revolutionary system stems from external counter pulsation (ECP)  treatment which uses sequential pneumatic compression in coordination with your heart output to optimize coronary health with a low-impact, passive cardio approach.

PureFlow™ has evolved from modern ECP devices, fine-tuned & laser focused on the athletic benefits of treatment. The aim of PureFlow™ is to enhance your athletic ability, maintain cardiovascular fitness, improve VO2 Max & accelerate recovery, all while your body is at rest.