The current crop trends and over farming methods have made our produce less nutrient rich. This, in addition to our consumption of processed foods, has created an epidemic of minerals and vitamin deficiencies in the US. In response, informed health-conscious people have begun to take oral supplements. Although this is a great habit occasionally a deficiency cannot be corrected quickly and can lead to tiredness, mental fog, and impaired immunity. Doctors in response to this growing problem have developed IV drip protocols to resolve the deficiencies quickly to then maintain levels with oral supplements. This IV nutrition movement is noteworthy but may be harmful if the provider is not fully trained in biochemistry, fluid balance and fluid interactions. At rejuvenate we offer a well-studied selective source of IV products and trained doctors to prescribe and administer the drips that best corrects your needs. Our expertise allows us to offer infusions that are customized to meet your health concerns or deficiencies.

We have standard drips and custom mixes for personal and seasonal applications. We recommend blood studies to fully diagnose your nutritional status and document your progress.