The incidence of erectile dysfunction is staggering. Some studies report that over 50% of healthy men over 40’yrs of age are starting to notice a decrease in their sexual performance.
The pharmaceutical industry has brought many drugs to improve Penile blood flow. Unfortunately, not everyone likes the side effect or get satisfactory results in response to these oral medications, off-label injectables and over the counter pills. Regardless of the response the pharmaceutical/ supplement options only offer short-term improvement.

For decades now shock therapy has been used in medicine and in recent years applied to ED. Shock therapy is commonly used to dissolve kidney stones, treat orthopedic problems and joint disease.
GAINSWave™ is a trademarked shock therapy machine that has an impressive success rate in treating vascular ED. Recently many manufacturers have emerged with shock wave machines, however, GAINSWave™ remains the gold standard.

GAINSWave™ – A Natural Solution for ED and Peyronie’s Disease

All providers of the GAINSWave™ treatment are fully certified and well trained to use safe and effective protocols. Patients with a history of high blood pressure, coronary disease, and circulation issues are the best candidates since GAINSWave™ increases blood flow. The accumulated data from using this technology also shows an effect on expandable Penile tissue and nerves. To date, there are nearly 40 clinical studies demonstrating the efficacy and long-term benefits of Shockwave Therapy Treatments for erectile dysfunction. Consequently, GAINSWave™ can improve Penile blood flow, endurance, performance, and sensitivity.

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Male Sexual Health – ESQT for Erectile Dysfunction

At Rejuvenate we customize your ED protocol to include if indicated, other regenerative products such as PRP using the P-Shot, amniotic fluid, and stem cells to regenerate all aspects of the male genitalia.

How Does GAINSWave™ Therapy Work?

Similar to extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT), pulsed-wave technology stimulates the healing process in the body by triggering a reaction to the mild inflammation caused by the pressure wave.

When used to treat vascular related erectile dysfunction, the mechanism of action for the GAINSWave™ is induced angiogenesis and neovascularization. In other words, increases blood vessels that are needed for enlargement. The resulting improvement in blood flow, achieved by the creation of new blood vessels and the rejuvenation of existing vessels, increases the patient’s ability to better obtain and sustain an erection.

Similar techniques and delivery devices to the GAINSWave™ have been used to produce successful revascularization in the treatment of chronic cardiac ischemia for more than a decade.

As compared to other male enhancement or ED treatments, GAINSWave™ Therapy:

  • Is drug-free and surgery-free
  • Is completely non-invasive, and has little or no known side effects
  • Is a simple in-office procedure, with each treatment taking only 20 – 30 minutes
  • Provides long-lasting results with little or no downtime

This trademarked and well-designed treatment using PRP and other biologics works great in younger men looking to improve length, girth n sexual enhancement. This is also effective in treating ED and Peyronie’s Disease.
At Rejuvenate, our medical staff is certified to perform P-shots and has been designated as an educational facility for all Vampire PRP procedures to train doctors and maintain the standard.

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PureFlow – The Cardiovascular Benefits for Male Sexual Health

In recent years, ED has been identified as one of the earliest signs of Cardiovascular Disease. At Rejuvenate we offer PureFlow, a technology that helps restore the health of your entire body’s arterial blood flow. This is a great adjunct for patients with ED that have a family history or concern for their Cardiovascular Health.