This is a frustrating appearance issue and it is difficult to correct using topical products alone. Our approach is to tighten the skin by increasing elasticity and tone. For those patients wishing to avoid or postpone surgical alternatives, we have an effective solution using reaction by VIORA. This is a radio frequency technology that has proven to be safe and effective for all skin types. Our patients obtain very good results of tightening and lifting of brows, jowls, and neck using radio frequency on the face, abdomen, and arms. Many of our patients choose this treatment after extreme weight loss.

More About Pure-Light Technology

Scars and stretch marks
Using the Palomar fractional laser’s we can offer you is significant improvement and scars and stretch marks. Currently, a preferred method is to combine micro needling with growth factors, PRP or amniotic fluid. Our expertise includes treatment of keloid scars and severe burn or surgical scars. Regardless of the source or incident that caused your scars, we have multiple treatments to use singly or in combination to improve them.Our protocols are geared towards making the cells in the scar become normal, therefore raised and keloid lesions flatten n blend. This is also applied to stretch marks. The protocol of choice is selected based on your particular scar and medical history to optimize the outcome. We offer fractional laser resurfacing, fractional radio frequency, micro-needling and biologics to achieve the desired results


In the world of regenerative medicine, we know the body has several life-giving banks of stem cells. One of these banks is housed in our fat cells. Our mission is to bring you a healthier Body. Therefore, all our body sculpting technologies respect the integrity of the fat cells in the adipose tissue We strive to bring you options that shrink rather than destroy fat cells. Our treatments make you slimmer naturally without the risk of deformities or future changes in your body shape.To this end, we offer Pure Light. This treatment makes the fat cells naturally drain the fat and toxins it contains but remains alive and there is no damage to surrounding stem cells. We also offer muscle sculpting therapies and HCG. Our goal is to make you slimmer and toned, without losing muscle mass.