Vampire Facelift – Slow down the effects of time.

We all know that we will age and in that process, the shape of our the face changes. The Vampire Facelift is a Trademarked procedure that addresses the appearance of the skin and the shape of the face. This gives an overall more youthful appearance. It combines your own blood-derived growth factors and standard fillers which are strategically injected. This allows for a more regenerative result in addition to the younger shape of the face from the applied fillers.

Use Your Own Blood to Look Naturally Younger

We have a new revolutionary procedure that provides an alternative treatment or augments what is currently used called the Vampire Facelift, non-surgical approach to reducing fine lines and wrinkles to tighten your skin and leave you naturally-looking and refreshed.

Isolation of PRP

Only a small blood sample is required for an FDA Approved procedure to isolate platelets from your blood. At Rejuvenate we use a double-spin system to truly obtain Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). PRP stimulates collagen production which promotes tissue recovery, smooths your skin, and removes fine lines and wrinkles. Platelets function as a source of growth factors and a beacon to attract stem-cells to the site where the PRP is injected.

No Risk of Side Effects

Because the platelet-rich plasma is extracted from your own body, there is no risk of side effects thus making all of these procedures safe and natural. The added benefit of a natural procedure is it can be repeated multiple times if desired. The entire process takes about 45-60 and you will see immediate results.

What the Procedure Will Do

Even though you will not look 18 again, you will have a younger and natural appearance after the Vampire Facelift.

What the Procedure Will Not Do

This is not for everyone. It is not a fountain of youth. Individual results may vary. You will not walk out of the office looking 18 years old.

Who is Qualified to Do the Vampire Procedure?

Dr. Rubio is one of a select number of physicians trained, certified, and licensed to administer the innovative Vampire Facelift treatment. Only physicians trained and certified by Dr. Charles Runels can market all of the Vampire procedures. Dr. Rubio specializes in designing your customized treatment plan that delivers results and lasting benefits. Schedule your FREE consultation to develop the right plan for you.